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Store Dijagonala

Pop-up Store Dijagonala

Enjoying the summer breeze of music in a company of well known musicians and friends.

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Before Tristesse

The idea of the process of building up a summer memories was recorded through words and images. Adding the movement to the equation creates a whole new dimension of the vision that undoubtedly leaves a sweet taste in the mouth.

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Au Revoir Tristesse Coffee-table book

A girl meets a boy… Or does she? They say that our memories define us, but that we, also, define our memories.

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mijo x Koncept

Making of Mijo x Koncept 45.0

What is it that makes something (or someone) so unique and special, so beautiful and so deep? On a quest to answer this, Mijo and Koncept 45.0 teamed up and discovered that it is the scars and the sparkles of ones personal road to blossom.

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