Au Revoir Tristesse

Now that the summer is gone… I can finally say it… I finally feel like myself again.

Since you took my hand that day back in June while we were swimming and promised me the moon, I went crazy for you.

I was ready to let go of everything else that mattered to me. Even myself. All for you.


And I did.

Oh, how I did!

And it was magical!

Until it wasn’t.

Until you vanished into thin air.

Nowhere to be found.

For weeks and weeks.


So I went back to that place. Our place. Where you sang a lullaby to my ear quietly under the stars.

I went back to those stairs where we danced to the „Into My Arms“ cover by a local bar singer.

I even drove to that place in the woods where we together saw pictures of all we would ever be. All the small things, and all the major things.

I did all these things not to find you.

Not to brood pathetically about how you’ve broken me or to try to relive those moments with bitter romantic tears in my eyes. No. I went there to close the chapter.

To show myself that I don’t need to erase the memories of that summer in order to be me again.

I went there to truly remember how beautiful you made me feel, how much I have grown and learned from us and to try and remind myself that it was not all for nothing.

I will always have this little piece of your heart in my pocket, this little piece of your time.

And I will never forget this one summer I truly madly deeply felt loved.

In spite of you.