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Reina Olga
#REI0137 (size 1), REI0138 (size 2), REI0139 (size 3)

19.000 RSD

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Rouched, underwire with adjustable back closure so everyone can find the perfect fit. Can be tied behind the neck or to the back closure.

Inspired by the stylish 90s, Susan not only will make your legs look super long but it will also hug your tooshie the best.
Perfectly finished with adjustable side-laces, Susan is high rise and perfect for any body shape.

Gold zigzag stitching make our pieces recognizable as Reina Olga.

This baby is hand made in Italy with oh so much love, so please treat it with care <3
85% nylon 15% elastane

Do not roll me up or store when wet.

Hand wash me separately with care.

Rinse me in cold water after use.

No detergent. no bleach.

Do not wring or rub me.

Avoid drying me in direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with suncream. Fabric may become discoloured if in direct contact with suncream or any other chemicals.