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Ipseity Perfumes

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Ipseity Perfumes is a new Serbian brand that includes a production of non-commercial perfumes and perfume products. Their perfumes are gender neutral, but they offer personalization services to include your name on the bottle. They are also socially responsible and humane brand with the wish to create a social impact and therefore their perfumes are those with a mission: wearing an Ipseity perfume should mean more than just smell or look differently, but showing that you are happy living in your own shoes, because you live your essence through your talents. By providing supreme quality and design, Ipseity wants to promote all the values they stand for: chic, elegance, sophistication, being a step ahead of trends and passion for the art of living in the moment.

Fragrance family: Oriental flower
Dosage: 30ml
TOP: fresh (bergamot, neroli), sweet (marshmellow)
MIDDLE: floral (iris, jasmine, orange blossom, rose, honeysuckle), spicy (coriander, pink pepper)
BASE: oriental balsamic (cistus labdanum, civet, white musk, vanilla, caramelized sugar)