Love stories

Mijo x Koncept 45.0

If Koncept 45.0 was a human being, this being, as we previously saw, would be passionately in love with design, artistic-minded, intellectually superior. We know what kind of clothes this person would wear, what music it would listen, what parties it would go to.

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Au Revoir Tristesse

Now that the summer is gone… I can finally say it… I finally feel like myself again. Since you took my hand that day back in June while we were swimming and promised me the moon, I went crazy for you.

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Magic Rush and Simple Touch

Let’s imagine that Koncept 45.0 is a human being. Let’s say that it is a 30 year old woman, passionately in love with design. She works as a creative director of an urban contemporary art gallery and she lives in a space that is not very big but it gives her all she needs.

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